Kasey Dupont Speaking About Mercedes-Benz and D-Patrick 

"Hi my name is Kasey Dupont. I'm the Mercedes-Benz concierge here at D-Patrick. I deliver new vehicles and train clients about all the technology inside the vehicle, and with any questions that possibly have, I answer them to the best of my ability. I truly enjoy assisting customers and giving them a positive experience.

Why did I start to work for D-Patrick. When I first drove by the dealership I felt like it had a presence that was very welcoming and it was something I wanted to be a part of. Ironically it was the position that I was really really hoping for, so I was very thankful that Tony choose me for the position. The team here is so welcoming and kind and they make me laugh on a daily basis which is super important.

I've had Mercedes-Benz since I was a tiny tot. My first Mercedes was a 1999 C 220 and at the time it would have been about 10 years old, so it was definitely a hand me down. Even at that age, being 16 17 years old, I could totally and completely understand the quality of the vehicle and how they were made. From that point on I basically decided that I would really want to have Mercedes forever. My second car was a 1999 C 280. My fourth car I went back to Mercedes-Benz, it was a 2005 C 250. My most recent vehicle that I have now it a 2014 C250 as well. I've enjoyed every single one of them, they are all super legit cars.

It's fun, it's fun to drive a Mercedes-Benz."